Author Spotlight: Vivien Sparx

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Her Master’s Kiss – Blog News Releases
           Finding a good author can be a challenge these days; there are so many e-books available to the kindle reader.
                   If you love reading erotic romance stories, with a distinctive BDSM twist, it’s even harder!
                But Vivien Sparx is one writer that should be on your list of must-buy writers!

has an easy-to-read style, and writes wonderful descriptions. She has
way with words that immerses her readers into each scene and the
atmosphere of the moment, with just a few well-chosen sentences.
Sparx is the author of the phenomenally successful, ‘Her Master’s Kiss’
series of stories. She has also written two other BDSM titles, and has a
total of eight mainstream books now available from Amazon.
                          (She also has five very, very sexy erotica titles, also available through Amazon)
writes erotic romance well; her characters are solid, and very real.
They act and speak like real people, and their circumstances and
emotions are ones we can all relate to.
situations Sparx writes about deal mainly with submission and
domination. She takes the stereotyped characters you might have yawned
past in other stories and brings them alive with dramatic dialogue and
intense sexual energy that comes right off the page.
less than a year, Vivien Sparx has become one of Amazon’s regular Top
100 erotic romance authors – and ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ has enjoyed almost
six months in Amazon’s Top 500 List of bestselling books – that’s an
amazing record, and a testament to the young Australian writer whose
descriptive writing has been likened in quality and power to Stephen
King by one blog writer!
this is your first introduction to Vivien Sparx, then downloading a
copy of her mega-seller, ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ from Amazon is the ideal
way to find out why so many thousands of new readers are discovering
this writer’s talent every day.
Vivien Sparx –make sure she is on your ‘must-read’ list!
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