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Royce Zarides has accepted his hand dealt by fate. He’s loved and left far too many women, in the bedroom that is. But one kiss from Belinda Raine Ignis was all it took for his eyes to open. Is she really the woman meant for him and his brother Ronin? Or will history only repeat itself? That’s the million dollar question he doesn’t want to answer.

Ronin does not believe that Belinda is for him and his brother. But one night with her isn’t enough. Even when he sees her for who and what she really is, Ronin still has a hard time expressing his fears and emotions where Belinda is concerned, and time is running out now that she’s to ascend to the status of Matria of the Phoenix Enclave.

Belinda (Bells) Ignis is good at ignoring men. She’s had her share of heartache. Jilted at the altar by her first love, she’s sworn all men off for good. Her mother and Matria of her community has other plans in mind, as well as the Zarides brothers. When faced with the heated glances of Ronin and the smooth tongue of Royce, what’s a girl to do?
The clock is ticking down for certain members of the Shadow Unit. Draven assumed dead, leaves a sour taste in every ones mouth. Jes’ new found abilities make for a great addition to the team. But when things seem to settle, they only get worse, as the team sets out to discover the origins of Mr. Black and the notorious Red Sun Organization. Secrets are uncovered and deals are made that result in a deadly blow to all involved.
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Get to know Tigres in a special interview

Thank you for coming to Passionate
Encounters Ms. Eden.  I’m so happy you
could take the time out of your busy schedule.
Thanks for having me on your blog today.
Can you tell us a little about Tigris
There is not really much to tell. I’m a
pretty boring person. It’s the people around me that are interesting. Me, I
just write the stories down that are clumped in my head.
I’m sure there is a lot more to tell
about you, but let’s get to why we’re really here, Burned In Shadows.
Can you please let my readers know what
your second book in The Shadow of Unit series is all about?
Burned in Shadows is the second book in
my paranormal erotic romance series. It picks up where I left off in Enslaved
in Shadows. Draven is missing and Jesminda is determined to find out what
really happened to him. Of course everyone is not where they seem. We get a
little more information on Enri who helped Faith escape out of a window in the
first book. We also get to see Royce and Ronin win over their girl Belinda.  Secrets are revealed, and there’s some
fighting, and blood shed, as well as therapy. And of course the steamy sex
How did you progress from, The Case of the Missing Pepperoni (which
was her first story she ever wrote) to the Shadow Unit series?
Well for starters I grew up. I actually
wrote some pretty juicy stories in college. I wrote a story about a woman who
was abused by her husband and as pay back, she cooked him the perfect meal, had
sex with him the shower, then their bed, and finally he died. She poisoned his
food, and well pretty much let him know during his last leg of life, that
things were changing.  
I’m always curious about how long does
it different authors to write a book. 
Can you tell us what your average time is?
Depends on the story. Some stories can
get past the first draft stage in a month. Other’s longer. Right now I’m
working on Red Hawk Mercenary Group and The Relationship at the same time. One
is easier to write than the other. Contemporary for instance is harder for me
to write vs. Paranormal or Sci-Fi. With Contemporary there are real world
elements and situations at play. But in Paranormal and or Sci-Fi I get a chance
to let my imagination run wild. No one will question why my hero or heroine is
overly aggressive with their partner or is into biting and a bit of blood play
if they are werewolves. But in a Contemporary I find, you have to explain why
the characters have darker appetites. In a Paranormal or Sci-fi there’s no
questioning just acceptance and the occasional, “oh he’s creepy or she’s
What is the best thing about being a
romance writer? Do you have any fears about writing?
Best thing for me is being able to
control my world and its characters. Not really scared of anything, never
really thought about it. Maybe it could be that I get a serious case of writers
block, or worse amnesia. I honestly don’t know, but I hope that answer works.
It works for me!  When away from writing, What do you enjoy
doing in your spare time?
I hang out with my family a lot, see
movies, listen to music, and may occasionally paint if the mood hits me. I love
to travel as well. But my most favorite pastime would have to be reading.
What is your writing routine like? How
do you balance writing with other demands on your time?
I have a lot more freedom than I did
years ago, when my children were small. LL is supportive of me. I think at
times he wishes I was at his beck and call, but with both make it a point to
spend time together.
I work a 40 hour a week job so I try to
pace myself, and try not run myself into the ground. That reminds me, I have
laundry that needs to be done.  I write
every day when I get home from work, or in the car when I’m stopped, and at
work on my lunch break. Then of course I sprint with my sprinting group mostly
every night at 7PM CST
 What’s next for you?
Finishing up season 2 of Romantic Tales:
Bedtime Stories. Then going back and working on The Relationship, after that
plotting the next book in The Shadow Unit, which is pretty much plotted now,
just have to flesh everything out. Somewhere in there is a vacation I plan on
enjoying and then it’s back to creating stories that are in my head.
 How often do you get sidetracked by social
media i.e. checking your page on Facebook and whatnot?
I am not on twitter as much as I use to
be. Facebook seems to have a mind of its on. Sometimes I’m on, most times I’m
not but you may see me green in the chat corner. But it doesn’t always mean I’m
chatting or paying attention to the screen. I write long handed before I type
out my story so even though I may have screens up there’s a good chance I may
miss it.
Any pets running around the house?  Any causes out there you support?
No pets, use to. Miss my Soco very much. And
eventually we will replace him, just not right now. I am a huge supporter of
Breast Cancer research, both my mom and younger sister have been afflicted by
the diseases. That’s my big push right now
I just cannot get enough of your book
covers!  Who designs them?
Thank you! Trish Pickyme Schmidt is the
cover artist for all of the Shadow Unit Books, Stephanie Fodor Scott designed
all the Romantic Tales: Bedtimes Stories covers. Robin Ludqwig has designed my
Werewolf Paranormal Arctic Bound, its not out yet. And Trish also did my
Contemporary Cover for The relationship. They are all very talented ladies!
And lastly, can you tell us a little
something about your next book?
Death will be a big part of the next
Shadow Unit Series.


There is really not much to say… I love to
write, read, and listen to music. My attempt at a music career sadly
ended at the Apollo one warm night in May! LOL (Side note: I was not
booed just outdone by two munchkins rapping to Biggy Smalls but they
were good!)

Military brat extraordinaire; have traveled
to a lot of interesting places.

The very first time I put pen to paper in story
fashion, was in 6th grade. It was called The Case of the Missing Pepperoni.

It was a cute mystery where all the ingredients
and shop appliances came to life when the store owner closed up for
the evening.
Tigris Eden is the author of The Shadow Unit
Series and co-author of Romantic Tales: Bedtime Stories Season 1 and
Places to find Tigris:
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