Interesting Tidbits…I love that word!

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 The upcoming Passion and Prose reader conference is coming to Long Beach, CA. February 25th, who’s going?  While I still have not bought my tickets ( just call me Mrs. Procrastinator), I hope to meet many of my favorite authors including Christina Dodd.  Next Saturday is promising to be a great time! Who ever thought there would be a conference just for romance readers?  Wild!


  The runner up winner for prize pack 2 in the Love is in the Air Blog giveaway is Sophia Rose since Kelley Johnsen never did get back to me in the time allotted, although I have a nice alternate prize pack for her if she does contact me.


   Who has joined Pinterest?  And can they tell me just what makes this newest craze so popular?  I just don’t get it.  I have made an account just to see what all there is to it but I still don’t get it.  What’s all the fuss about?  Can someone please tell me?  I would love to know.   Although I will share one of my boards with you.  Hey…it is kinda interesting even though I don’t understand it.


Did you know that Candace Bushnell’s prequel to SATC The Carrie Diaries is getting a pilot for TV on the CW network?  In theory, I can’t wait to see how it turns out but in reality I don’t think it will do very good.  Either way, I’m watching it!  But first I have to read the book.


In the face of the recent, tragic death of Whitney Houston, I have like most Americans I think have listened to nothing else for days except her voice playing on my IPOD, and no matter how many times I hear a certain song ( I can’t name just one song that touched me as I was growing up in the 80’s) I can feel my throat starting to clog with sobs and I have to stop playing the soulful music.  I think her passing has affected me more than Michael Jackson’s, I have no idea why.  I could go into theories and speculations but I do not want to mar what she has done for us.   But I can tell you this with almost perfect certainty;  It was NOT a suicide.  Just my opinion.

GFC Update

As many of you already heard GFC, Google friend Connect is phasing out come March 1st.  I have added on my left toolbar at the very top, a new way to follow via Google.  The plus button.  Please all, I need you to transfer as Google will not do it for us.  LAME.  It’s the same freakin compnay for crying out loud! Anyway, could you please do this one little itty bitty thing for me?  Thanks!  And then you can still stay in the loop for exciting giveaways that are coming up.

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  1. I did the Google+ follow and I appreciate the opportunity to be the prize runner up.

    Enjoy your Romance Writers' conference. Once of these days I want to get to one.

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