Cover Crazy Monday-The Rake by Mary Jo Putney

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  I have been a little remiss about posting my memes…ok a lot remiss.  But starting with this Cover Crazy Monday I am hoping to redeem myself.
    Now, the one and only point of this meme is to showcase an amazing book cover that I have fallen absolutely in love with.  And I love nothing more than to share what I love.

What I love about this cover

absolutely love the background and although her dress, necklace, and
earrings are too much of the same color for me, I love how the man is holding
the woman.  It almost looks as if she is about to faint and he is there
to catch her.  I love his hand on her waist and him whispering
in her ear, I can almost feel the tingles and the heat of his breath close to
my ear.


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