Cover Crazy Monday

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      Hello Cover Crazy Monday!
(Still searching for that perfect button) I’m picky.
For this week, I’m going all holiday festiveness on you guys.  I don’t know why, but a few weeks ago, I started yearning for the holidays to come around.  Maybe it was because I miss my family, or it could just be because I need the good cheer and wishful thinking that that time of year brings.
All I know is that I need Christmas like we need our books to escape everyday life sometimes, so here we go….

I just love how that present is placed.  It cracks me up everytime I see it!
I’ve wished for the longest time I could wear a sexy Santa outfit for my man.  Maybe this year….
Title: Unwrapped
Author: Lacey Alexander
Publisher: Samhain
Release Date:Nov. 27, 2012


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