I know I know…I’m ashamed.

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                                Ashamed that I don’t have a post for Tuesday!!

                                Moving takes a lot out of a person, mainly I’ve been reading.  Trying to get rid of all                          these books so I don’t have to cart as many around in my luggage.

                                         Can you ever forgive me for not posting?
                                            Yes, I’ll have a lot of reviews posting
                                                     *trying to touch through the screen*
                                                                not really working

            Ummmmmm, really NOT going to say what that football looks like….placed just right there.
                                            It’s been way too long for me OK?

Just ONE more I promise
This picture just says lie on the bed and cuddle with me.
I swear!  I only want to gaze upon that chest….
and maybe run my hands over his….broad shoulders



2 responses to “I know I know…I’m ashamed.

  1. Moving sucks!!!
    I hope you get settled okay though.
    I moved in august and had no internet for 20 days and I was going nuts I barely read anything and this was before I started blogging. I couldn't imagine that happening to me now.

    Kimberly @ Turning The Pages

    P.S. I forgive the lack of posting because of the eye candy in the pictures above

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