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               I love easy peezy cooking recipes that taste good!  But this one is debatable on if it’s good for you or not.  I just had to post it, and since I was not given a link I had to paste the whole url! Sorry.

     Speaking of Ree Drummond, Pioneer Woman….she is coming to LA next month for a book signing for her new book!!  I’m so excited.  I have no idea why, I mean I love to cook, and I love her story, and to tell you the truth I’m kinda jealous of her life.  Who wants to meet someone your jealous of?  I guess I do.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to have 200 hundred or so acres all to yourself?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that adores you, nice to have beautiful kids, nice to lounge around in your pj’s when ever you want?  Anyway, Ree is going to be at the Barnes and Noble at the Grove on Monday Feb. 7th from 6-9pm for anyone reading this.

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