new month…new books

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  Today is December 1st.  The start of the most xciting holiday of the year! Well, at least to me.  I started a new job today which in today’s economy is quite a windfall, plus I’m almost done reading an anthology entitled Improper Gentlemen by two great authors I have never heard of before and one that I have read quite often.  Diane Whiteside, Mia Marlowe and Maggie Robinson respectively.  I have one more story to read and then I will post the review to the website to which the book came from.  (It might even show up on here earlier). I had heard of this book quite some time ago from Sarah from SBTB (smart bitches trashy books), but I have never really liked anthologies because they were always so short and rushed.  But I made an exception for this one beacause, well I like it when gentlemen are improper and I heard one of the stories in there was a time travel and since time travel had gone the way of the leg warmers during the past years, I was intrigued.  And I was NOT disappointed.

Next up for me?  I’m going to try the holiday blog hop!! * squeal*  It will be difficult since this blog is new and I have no followers but nothing ventured… as they say.

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