Review: The Cowboy Takes A Bride by Lori Wilde

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 Title: The
Cowboy Takes A Bride
Author: Lori Wilde
Publisher: Avon
Release Date: 
March 27th, 2012
Series: Jubilee, TX #1

Callahan’s father has just died and left her with his small piece of land in
small town Jubilee, Texas.  Everything
happens for a reason and right in the nick of time for Mariah as she had just
lost her high powered wedding assistant job in Chicago and was staying on a
friend’s couch.  Mariah hasn’t talked to
her father since he split from her mom and her when she was just a kid to go train cutting
horses down south; still holding on to that resentment, Mariah packs her bags and heads to
Jubilee to see if she can sell her father’s possessions and get the heck out of
there, but one look at ex rodeo champ Joe Daniels passed out in a horse trough
gets her to thinking small town life wouldn’t be so bad after all.  But can she really play second fiddle
again?  This time to a ghost?
Daniels has had a very hard week what with his best friend dying on the day of
his wife’s death two years before.  Could
life get much worse?  Enter his best
friend’s city dwelling daughter and you can bet that’s a yes.  Looking just like his dead wife Becca, Mariah
inflames him while irritating him at the same time.  When Mariah refuses to honor her father’s
last wish, making plans to sell her inheritance and move back to Chicago, Joe
has to make her see what she’d be missing. 
But can he finally bury his wife for good and make a fresh start with
Mariah.  Will Mariah see past her anger
and hurt at her dead father to make a life with Joe in Jubilee?
Cowboy Takes a Bride was a classic Lori Wilde novel.  Endearing, funny, and unforgettable.  With enough sexual tension to make your heart
rate gallop, and secondary characters to make you wish that they were your
neighbors, The Cowboy takes a Bride will have you sitting on the edge of your
seat in anticipation.  The first book in
the Jubilee Texas series roped me in and hog tied me to my chair, on the
lookout for the next installment in this wonderful new series.


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