Review: Hollywood In Heels by Charity Gaye Finnestad

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Title: Hollywood in Heels
Author: Charity Gaye Finnestad
Publication: 36 Inch
Release Date: April 3rd, 2012
Source: Netgalley
Rating: Photobucket

                                      I agreed to read and review Hollywood in Heels because…well, I live in Hollywood; or Los Angeles for that matter.  I thought it would be cool to read about the places you’ve seen, heard, or even been to through someone else’s eyes.  The other reason why I read it?  Well, back when I was a senior in high school I dreamed about becoming either a fashion designer or a fashion buyer for some big Hollywood (or even New York) big wig.  And so I set forth to Long Beach and enrolled in a private school for fashionista’s like muah.   It wasn’t long before the rose color was ripped away from my traditional sun glasses, trying to find a job was tough work, I finally found an intern job as a wedding assistant but it wasn’t paying my school bills so eventually I had to drop out.
     Where was I going with this…?
                Oh ok, so ever since then I’ve been soaking up other people’s high glamour life in the city of Angels (not all it’s cracked up to be).  Eventually I temporally moved here to see if I’d like it.  And now I’m leaving again.  Because I don’t.  And this book Hollywood in Heels is just a startling example of why people hate living in L.A.  The author is none other than a struggling model trying to make it in this town, oh yeah the other reason why I picked this book was because Charity (the author and model) grew up in the Northwest like me and wanted to make it in L.A. like I once did.
                   But as you delve deeper into the pages of Hollywood in Heels you can see Charity changing from a down home nerd who was creative and an individual in her own right to becoming just another Los Angeles clone who thought her tremendous beauty and her sex appeal could get her into doors otherwise closed to the general public.  Well it did.  And as you turn the pages and stare upon her lovely and sometimes nude pictures-yes, I forgot to mention that the author laid out a mini portfolio for you to stare upon her wondrous beauty-you can tell that Hollywood has succeeded once again into turning yet another individual into a skinny-not really anorexic-attention whore. 
Yes, I know I said whore.
Sorry. It just seemed that way to me.
                  Why do people write pages upon pages with how sexy, how beautiful they are? It drives me up the wall.  And if you think I’m saying this because I hate her because she’s so beautiful.  That’s fine.  I know what I know.  And I know I couldn’t even finish this book.


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  1. I personally know the author from way before she decided she was a model and slept, begged and friended her way to the 'top?' and most of her TRUE story is anything but true. She is the living definition of narcissism, and I am sure she has deluded herself into beleiving this story is true….but those that know her, know otherwise. I applaud you for seeing through the 'beautiful' facade she has so delicately woven.

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