Review: The Importance of Being Wicked by Miranda Neville

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Thomas, Duke of Castleton, has every intention of wedding a prim and proper heiress. That is, until he sets eyes on the heiress’s cousin, easily the least proper woman he’s ever met. His devotion to family duty is no defense against the red-headed vixen whose greatest asset seems to be a talent for trouble…

Caroline Townsend has no patience for the oh-so-suitable (and boring) men of the ton. So when the handsome but stuffy duke arrives at her doorstep, she decides to put him to the test. But her scandalous exploits awaken a desire in Thomas he never knew he had. Suddenly Caro finds herself falling for this most proper duke…while Thomas discovers there’s a great deal of fun in a little bit of wickedness.



                I was
drawn in by the title….and of course the author.  My interest was elevated by the premise, I’m
always drawn to high born, stuffy lords attracted to courtesans, widows, or the
Townsend is a widow who has multiple debts thanks to her late husband who liked
to gamble.  She has in her possession a
painting that if sold would most likely end her financial troubles but she
won’t part with it since it came into her possession during one of the happier
moments of her marriage.
is introduced to Caroline since his future wife, her cousin is staying at her
townhouse in London.  He is immediately
attracted to the wrong woman, and eventually chases after her across the
country side when she is in search of money to pay off a loan shark.  He catches up to her only to ask her to marry
him, she says yes.  And that is where I
parted ways with this book.  Sorry folks. 
                I’ll give
you three reasons why I did not like this book.
                First of all, Caroline makes her
life out of entertaining a bunch of struggling artisans in her home when she
can barely afford to pay her servants their wages; she just cannot bear to tell
her friends how really stressed for cash she really is even though none of it
is her fault.
she cannot bear to hear a bad word said against a husband that left her in
financial ruin.  They had had a mostly
happy marriage after all.
lastly, the relationship between hero and heroine is entertaining, engaging,
and lively,  But there is really no
sexual tension to speak of.  And that’s
what I need in my books!
                Now, it
could have gotten better after I left which was halfway through, which was also
when Castleton proposed and was accepted. 
There has to be strife afterward right? 
I mean there were still plenty of pages left.
the first book in this new series by Neville was not indicative of the future
books in this series.  I will keep my
fingers crossed.

The Importance of Being Wicked
Miranda Neville
November 27, 2012
Wild Quartet Series Bk 1


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