Review: The Tattooed Duke By Maya Rodale

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     Title: The Tattooed Duke
     Author: Maya Rodale
      Publisher: Avon
     Release Date: February 28, 2012
     Source: Net galley (ebook)
     Series: The Writing Girls #3
     Rating: 5

                The third book in Maya Rodale’s The Writing Girl Series features Eliza Fielding who has had what some might call a writer’s funk or just plain writer’s block.  She needs to step up her game, er, column if she is still to be one of the girls for The London Weekly.  But where is she to find such a juicy story?  One that will guarantee her a permanent spot within the most established newspaper in London? 
                Sebastian Digby, the Duke of Wycliff has just returned to England to claim his inheritance after spending a wildly good time in unknown countries and continents.   But now, he has returned to do his duty as only son and heir.  But it seems no one wants to work for a notorious pirate with piercings and tattoos, a pirate who has unsightly long hair and an atrocious demeanor.  That is no one except one particular fetching enchantress who seems to have an uncomely interest in all his affairs.
                It seems Eliza has found the perfect story for her stable employment.  Why, all she has to do is to find a way to gain employment as a maid in the Duke’s house and report on his daily dealings.  Getting employment was the easy part since not one female wanted to become a maid in the wicked Wycliff house, not when it was said that the past lord’s had a penchant for their maids.  The hard part would be to keep her mind on getting the story and not fall for the resident lord who seemed so much different than what his appearance was letting on.
                The Tattooed Duke was a delightful read; one that I feel sure will be a keeper on anyone’s shelf. Eliza and Sebastian are wickedly endearing and it was a delight to partake in their engaging battle of wills when Sebastian learns of Eliza’s treachery.  Rodale has written yet another captivating story in this series of hijicks and laughter.  I cannot wait for Annabelle’s love story.

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